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Advanced directives in Ohio

Many people in the greater Cincinnati area probably have heard that the estate planning process involves choosing how one wants to divide up her property after she dies. The documents an Ohioan drafts, if done properly, should ensure that her loved ones or favorite charities receive an inheritance with minimal conflict or inefficiency.

However, most people in this state would also be well-advised to think about what kind of medical care and treatments they want at the end of their lives. After all, chances are fairly good that, as a resident gets older, he or she will not be physically or mentally able to make informed medical decisions for him or herself. Estate planning is a good opportunity to think about this possibility and what to do about it.

Failure to yield leads to motorcyclist's death

A recent accident in the Cincinnati area left a motorcyclist in his mid-20s dead. The initial indication from the police is that the accident was not the fault of the motorcyclist and that the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

According to authorities, the driver of a full-sized vehicle was heading west on a state highway and attempted to turn left on a side street. Apparently, the driver either did not see the motorcyclist approaching from the opposite directions or did not accurately estimate how quickly he was approaching.

If an injury was my fault, can I collect work comp?

As is the case with other states, Ohio's workers' compensation program is what is commonly referred to as a no-fault insurance system. What this means is that, under the workers' compensation law in this state, an injured employee need only prove that she got hurt in the course of employment. Except for intentional injuries, any work-related illnesses or injury should allow a worker to get compensation for medical expenses and, if applicable, compensation for her lost wages.

The upshot of this is that an employee need not fear filing for benefits even if he thinks that his injury was partially his responsibility or was due to his own absent-mindedness. In fact, even breaking an established company policy about safety does not necessarily disqualify an employee from getting benefits. As a caveat, though, Ohio employers do have the right to punish employees for violating workplace safety rules, even if the employee is drawing workers' compensation benefits for his injuries.

Reasons and methods for avoiding probate

When you include assets in your will, they pass through probate after you die. This is a common and normal process for many estate assets. But there are some drawbacks about probate that you may want to avoid. 

Probate can be costly, lengthy and public. If you want to benefit your heirs with a more private and affordable and faster process, you may want to shield some of your assets from the probate process. Consider some of the following methods for avoiding probate

Car accidents deadlier than wars, opioid epidemic

According to statistics, more Americans have died on the roads in the last 19 years than in both World Wars combined. Since 2000, 624,000 Americans have died in motor vehicle accidents. Official records show that around 535,000 Americans died in the two great global conflicts of the last century. Additionally, since 2000, over 30 million people have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

To give another perspective on this grim statistic, between 2006 and 2012, over 190,000 people died in traffic-related accidents. On the other hand, during the same time, only 100,000 people died as a result of the opioid epidemic that has been plaguing towns and cities across Ohio and other states.

Overview of Ohio's wage loss compensation benefit

One of the most important benefits offered under Ohio's workers' compensation program is called wage loss compensation. Basically, once an injured worker in the greater Cincinnati area can establish eligibility for the benefit, the Ohio Board of Workers' Compensation will calculate the worker's average weekly wage at the time of her injury. Assuming the worker has found some sort of substitute employment, the Board will also take in to account her current earnings.

The idea behind the wage loss benefit is to put an injured worker in the same financial position as what he had at the time he got hurt. Qualifying for wage loss compensation is not always an easy task. For instance, before getting wage loss compensation, the worker must show that she has lost earnings because of a work-related injury or illness. Moreover, she will also have to demonstrate that she either can no longer work at all due to the condition or, at a minimum, is forced in to a lower-paying job that is compatible with her disability.

Head-on crash leaves child and mother injured

Serious automobile collisions could happen at any time, impacting individuals of all ages. Whether it is during the daytime or nighttime hours, a negligent driver could come into the path of a driver carefully observing the rules of the road. This, unfortunately, could result in a serious collision with severe injuries,

A head-on collision in College Hill, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, left a 6-year-old in critical condition recently. Police said that the child's mother also suffered serious injuries. According to reports, a man operating a pickup truck was heading north on a city street. For some reason, he crossed over in to oncoming traffic and struck the family's passenger vehicle head-on. The man suffered injuries that police described as minor.

Multiple options are available after a debilitating work injury

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, Ohio workers in West Chester Township and the greater Cincinnati area can receive benefits through Ohio's workers' compensation program if they get hurt on the job.

These benefits will pay for an injured employee's medical bills, and they will also cover a portion of her wages lost due to her injury. A permanent disability benefit may also be available if it turns out that the worker's injury is permanent.

Common workplace hazards for factory workers

Factory workers are responsible for creating the products we use in our daily lives. Many positions in manufacturing also offer good wages and benefits. None of these positives about working in a factory negate the health and safety risks.

Factories are full of hazards that can cause serious injuries and deaths to the people who work in them. Here are some common ways factory employees can get hurt while working.

Younger generation changing divorce in America

There are plenty of common statistics about divorce that many of our readers in Ohio have probably heard before, with the most prominent of them all being that half of all marriages end in divorce. Whether or not that statistic is accurate is up for debate, particularly when some experts are seeing a trend in American that younger people are waiting longer to get married in the first place. The result? The divorce rate in our country may actually be declining.

A recent article noted that one theory behind the decline is that many among the younger generation -- so-called "millennials" -- are children of divorce themselves. They saw their parents' marriage break up and they may be fearful of getting involved in a relationship that could end the same way. The result is that the younger generation may be proceeding more carefully when it comes to long-term relationships, and certainly marriage proposals.

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