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Know the eligibility requirements for SSD benefits

Most Ohioans expect to contribute and work until retirement age. For many of our readers, that will be the case. However, there are millions of Americans who get injured or suffer from a serious illness, which takes them out of the workforce and keeps them there. For these disabled individuals, there may be an option to gain some measure of financial security: Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

But, Ohio residents who may be thinking about applying for SSD benefits will need to make sure that they understand the eligibility requirements for this program. For starters, our readers should understand that SSD benefits are not "welfare." These benefits are not some kind of government handout. No, these benefits are earned by those who participate in the workforce and pay into the SSD benefits trust fund out of their weekly paychecks. Workers who have a disability have every right to rely upon these benefits if they become disabled.

Know your options when it comes to workers' compensation

Thousands of Ohio residents get up each morning and go to work expecting that they will come back home safe at the end of the day. Unfortunately, there are times when this does not occur. Each day, throughout the state, there are workers who are injured on the job. Anyone facing this situation will need to know their options when it comes to applying for workers' compensation benefits.

The most important thing our readers need to know about workers' compensation is that these benefits can be granted to injured workers regardless of how the injury occurred - fault isn't supposed to matter. The crucial element of workers' compensation is that the injury occurred in the performance of job-related duties.

Car accident mistakes to avoid

When you get a crash, you feel upset, confused and angry. It may be difficult to think clearly and act appropriately during this stressful situation, but it is crucial for you to be as calculated as possible. The steps you take after a motor vehicle collision will affect your recovery and whether you win a personal injury lawsuit.

If you commit errors after a wreck, you may lose out on recovering damages and healing quickly. Check out these costly mistakes to avoid after getting in an auto accident.

What are the basics of estate planning?

Thousands of Ohio residents do not have an estate plan. Perhaps they do not believe they need an estate plan. Or, perhaps they believe that estate planning is too complicated and they do not even know where to start. Getting the right information is crucial. So, what are the basics of estate planning?

An overview of divorce laws and requirements in Ohio

The prevalence of divorce throughout America has probably led many people to believe that this is a fairly simple process. However, in many cases, nothing could be further from the truth. A divorce can involve many complex issues, such as property division, alimony and child custody and support. In order to pursue a divorce in Ohio, there are some basic legal requirements that must be met.

First of all, like most other states, Ohio has a "no-fault" procedure by which a couple can pursue a divorce. In fact, when a couple pursues a no-fault divorce, the proceeding is actually known as a "dissolution" of the marriage. To pursue a no-fault divorce, the couple must have been separated for at least one year, or they must allege "incompatibility" - which cannot be contested by either party in the dissolution in order for the dissolution to proceed as a no-fault case.

Working on behalf of SSDI claimants in Ohio

Workers in Ohio - and throughout the United States - pay a part of their wages into a federal fund that is designed to protect you if you are injured or become ill and can no longer work. The taxes that fund the Social Security Disability Insurance program are taken out of your wages as part of your FICA withholding, just like Medicare and Social Security retirement taxes. Once you have earned sufficient work credits, you may qualify for SSD benefits if you become ill or injured.

Although all workers fund the SSDI program, there are limits on who will qualify to receive these benefits. First, you generally must have spent enough time in the U.S. workforce - usually around seven years - in order claim SSD benefits. Next, your injury or illness must be serious enough to prevent you from working over a long period of time, or must be permanently debilitating.

SUVs and fatal pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians may want to be particularly careful when SUVs are nearby. Statistics point to recent years seeing an increase in pedestrian fatalities involving SUVs.

How big is this increase? Well, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, SUV-related pedestrian deaths went up 81 percent between 2009 and 2016.

Will an inheritance rob your heirs of drive or ambition?

Many people become wealthy because they have drive and ambition in spades. If you are one of them, you know about putting in long hours and finally seeing the light after setbacks galore almost made you give up.

Now you have a sizeable estate and wonder if leaving assets to your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and others such as nieces and nephews will rob them of their drive and ambition. You want them to be well-rounded people, not folks living off someone else's hard-earned money. At the same time, it may feel odd for you to have all this money and not share most of it with your family. With careful estate planning, you can assess what an inheritance might to do your heirs and find several middle grounds.

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