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The importance of property division in a divorce

Of all the issues in a divorce in Ohio that can cause tension between the soon-to-be ex-spouses, the division of assets may be at the top of the list for some. After all, no matter the length of the marriage, most people work hard for the income they earn and the assets they accumulate. Splitting those funds and assets with someone who may no longer hold the same place in your heart can be an emotional experience, and it can sometimes cause quite a bit of anger.

While dealing with the emotions involved in the property division part of a divorce, it is crucial to keep in mind how important the end result of the process will be for your post-divorce life. Some divorcing couples can work out an out-of-court agreement to reach an equitable division of their assets and debts, but others are forced by the situation of their relationship to fight out every detail in courtroom litigation.

What is the Social Security disability appeals process?

As disabled residents of Ohio may know, the most crucial step in attempting to get approved for Social Security disability benefits is the initial application. Although the common refrain is that more than half of initial applications for SSD benefits get denied, a strong initial application is probably the best chance any Ohio resident has of getting the benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, the reality is that many applications for SSD benefits do, in fact, get denied. So, what do our readers need to know about the Social Security disability appeals process?

Well, for starters, it is important to know that an appeals process exists. Any applicants for SSD benefits who have seen their initial application denied may avail themselves of the appeals process, if they so desire. There are multiple levels to the SSD benefits appeals process.

Everyone can benefit from having an estate plan in place

There are many Ohio residents who probably believe that they do not need to execute an estate plan. Unfortunately, that is rarely true. Almost anyone can benefit from having an estate plan in place because, contrary to popular belief, an estate plan can address much more than just how assets will be distributed upon a person's death, although that is a crucial part of the process.

Beyond determining how assets will be distributed, an estate plan can also be useful for parents. In an estate plan, parents make plans should they pass away before their children are grown. They can appoint a specific guardian for their minor children, as well as establishing a financial apparatus for the care of those children.

Is driving with your dog in the car dangerous?

Summer is fast approaching, and as Ohioans hit the road to enjoy the improving weather, the likelihood of getting into an accident increases. Distracted driving has become an epidemic across the country, but cellphone use is not the only culprit.

If you have ever driven with your dog in the car, you, too, could wind up accused of driving while distracted. In fact, driving with your pooch may prove more dangerous than you may think. Take a look at some of the reasons why you may want to change the way you travel with your best friend.

Two construction workers injured in hit-and-run in Ohio

Most drivers in Ohio probably get annoyed when they see construction on the roads during their daily commute or when they are traveling for vacation. However, it is important to remember that the individuals who are out there on the construction site are just doing their jobs. They want to make it home safe too, just like commuters.

Unfortunately, a recent motor vehicle accident highlights the danger that these construction workers face on a daily basis. According to recent reports, two construction workers were struck by a 64-year-old driver's vehicle on March 28. The collision occurred in University Heights, which is near Cleveland. The two construction workers suffered injuries in the collision, but after they were transported for medical care they were listed in stable condition.

Common issues that need to be addressed in a divorce case

No two married relationships in Ohio are the same. Thus, when a couple decides to end their marriage, the divorce process and its result can vary from case-to-case. Each case will involve its own unique set of facts, as well as the reason why the marriage is coming to an end. However, there are many issues that are commonly addressed in most divorce cases that occur in Ohio.

For example, property division can be the most important part of any given divorce case. During a marriage a couple will accumulate assets and debts. In a divorce, these assets and debts will need to be divided among the couple as they move forward with their newly single lives. This part of the case can get contentious, unless the couple focuses on getting a fair result.

Preparation is crucial in a motor vehicle accident case

Although car crashes are a common sight on the roads and highways in Ohio, most people walk away from these collisions without injuries. But, unfortunately, there are some who are not so lucky. Those in Ohio who has been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident will likely face months or even years of medical treatment and recovery. As our readers would likely expect, such a situation means that the financial burden that injured victims face can be substantial.

As a result, many injured victims may benefit from considering their personal injury legal options. In doing so, preparation is crucial. While any injured victim of a motor vehicle accident will rightly focus on their health and recovery in the immediate aftermath of the accident, those who consider how potential legal efforts might play out down the road may benefit. Evidence can be gathered from the scene of the accident, such as photographs of the vehicles involved, the surrounding area and potentially even eyewitness testimony.

Do you qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

Many people in Ohio know that Social Security disability benefits are available to some people who suffer serious injuries or illnesses. However, they may not know how a person qualifies to receive those benefits. Knowing the basics about SSD benefits is crucial for any worker in Ohio.

So, how does a person qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits? Well, for starters, like any government-run program, there is a set of minimum requirements that must be met by an applicant for benefits. First, applicants must have the appropriate number of "work credits." These credits are accumulated, in general, by working a steady job over several years. Social Security disability benefits are funded by taxes that come out of workers' paychecks. To tap into these funds, the applicant must have contributed to the Social Security system while working.

Revocable vs. irrevocable trusts: What are the differences?

As you create your Ohio estate plan, you likely find yourself discovering more about trusts than you possibly ever wanted to know. But while the variety of trusts available for you to choose from may seem overwhelming at first, you should keep in mind that all trusts are one of two types: revocable and irrevocable. Which type you choose depends on what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it.

The most obvious difference between a revocable trust and an irrevocable one is just what their names imply. After you execute a revocable trust, you can change any of its terms, provisions, etc. any time in the future that you desire. You can even revoke it. Conversely, once you execute an irrevocable trust, you lose a lot of control over the assets you place in it and what you can do with them. In other words, you are writing your irrevocable trusts in stone. Once you execute them, you cannot later change them or their provisions in any way.

Avoid making these mistakes during a divorce in Ohio

Each year thousands of Ohio residents decide to end their marriage. For some, doing so can be a relatively simple matter. But, for many others, a divorce case can be a complicated legal process with a wide variety of issues to address, including spousal support, property division, the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and child support. Ohio residents should be sure that they are avoiding common mistakes, as noted in a recent article, that some people make when they are going through the divorce process.

For starters, don't make the mistake of failing to unearth all of the relevant documents that may be needed in the divorce case. Splitting a once joined married life into two separate single lives can involve quite a bit of documentation, including such documents as financial records, mortgages, receipts and even documents from state and federal governments, such as Social Security statements.

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