Workers in Ohio – and throughout the United States – pay a part of their wages into a federal fund that is designed to protect you if you are injured or become ill and can no longer work. The taxes that fund the Social Security Disability Insurance program are taken out of your wages as part of your FICA withholding, just like Medicare and Social Security retirement taxes. Once you have earned sufficient work credits, you may qualify for SSD benefits if you become ill or injured.

Although all workers fund the SSDI program, there are limits on who will qualify to receive these benefits. First, you generally must have spent enough time in the U.S. workforce – usually around seven years – in order claim SSD benefits. Next, your injury or illness must be serious enough to prevent you from working over a long period of time, or must be permanently debilitating.

Only about one-third of all SSDI claimants will ever receive benefits. This is because most claimants’ maladies are either not severe enough to qualify or they are not sufficiently documented by medical evidence to trigger benefits. Oftentimes, a claimant must wait several months to receive an initial benefits decision. If benefits are denied and claimants wish to appeal, they will likely wait much longer – sometimes two years or more – before their appeal is heard.

One way to attempt to ensure that your SSD claim is filed properly and stands a better chance of being approved is to proceed with a representative, like an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. Honerlaw Law Office LLC fights for SSD claimants, attempting to make sure that their initial claims are submitted correctly and documented appropriately. In the event of an appeal, the Government Accountability Office has found that represented claimants are three times more likely to succeed than unrepresented claimants. Visit our website’s Social Security Disability page to learn how we might be able to help you with your SSD matter.