When you get a crash, you feel upset, confused and angry. It may be difficult to think clearly and act appropriately during this stressful situation, but it is crucial for you to be as calculated as possible. The steps you take after a motor vehicle collision will affect your recovery and whether you win a personal injury lawsuit.

If you commit errors after a wreck, you may lose out on recovering damages and healing quickly. Check out these costly mistakes to avoid after getting in an auto accident.

Brushing off your injuries

A car accident gives you a rush of adrenaline. Because of this, you may not feel pain right away. Do not assume your car accident injuries are not that bad. The symptoms may show up later, but when they do, it may be too late for you to sue the negligent driver. It is better to be safe and see a doctor immediately, even if you only feel mild soreness or a headache. Do not make the expensive mistake of misjudging the severity of your injuries. 

Admitting fault in any way

Be very careful with what you say to the other motorist at the scene of the accident. Avoid saying the following sentences:

  • “I am sorry.”
  • “I am okay.”
  • “I am fine.”
  • “Do not worry about it.”

These statements may seem innocent and even kind, but they put you at risk of admitting fault and not getting compensation for your auto accident injuries. 

Agreeing to the first settlement offer

You may like the idea of a quick settlement. Getting money faster may sound great so you can cover your expenses. However, the first offer will likely not be adequate enough to cover everything. Never settle your case too early. Negotiate for what you truly deserve.

Car wrecks can be overwhelming, but make sure you do not make these consequential mistakes.