Thousands of Ohio residents get up each morning and go to work expecting that they will come back home safe at the end of the day. Unfortunately, there are times when this does not occur. Each day, throughout the state, there are workers who are injured on the job. Anyone facing this situation will need to know their options when it comes to applying for workers’ compensation benefits.

The most important thing our readers need to know about workers’ compensation is that these benefits can be granted to injured workers regardless of how the injury occurred – fault isn’t supposed to matter. The crucial element of workers’ compensation is that the injury occurred in the performance of job-related duties.

Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation system in Ohio can seem archaic and bureaucratic to most people. The process of applying for benefits and, ultimately, receiving benefits can involve quite a bit of paperwork and time to process the request. And then, there are a number of different legal terms that can be confusing: “temporary total”; “residual damage”; and “wage loss,” just to name a few. It is enough to leave many injured workers reeling.

At our law firm, we work with Ohio residents who have been injured on the job to attempt to get them through the workers’ compensation process successfully. We do our best to help ensure that our clients have the information they need to get financial benefits to make up for the wages they lost due to the injury. For more information about how our law firm might be able to help with your case, please visit the workers’ compensation overview section of our website.