It is an unfortunate reality that, each year, thousands of Ohio residents will be involved in motor vehicle accidents involving passenger vehicles, large trucks and motorcycles. These accidents can oftentimes be life-changing for all of the parties involved, but none more so than injured victims. When residents are injured in a car crash, there are some immediate steps to take in the aftermath of the crash that can help with any ensuing personal injury lawsuit.

First and foremost, our readers likely already know that they are required by law to stay at the scene of an accident and allow a law enforcement investigation to take place. In so-called “fender benders,” the investigation is usually just a simple information gathering process, with a quick determination of fault. However, in car accidents that involve injuries, the investigation can make a huge difference in where liability is ultimately assessed. Victims should make sure that they give the most accurate and detailed information possible in the law enforcement investigation.

Next, victims will want to have photographs taken, both of their damaged vehicle and their injuries. Even quick cellphone pictures and videos are better than nothing, and can be immensely helpful in any ensuing personal injury lawsuit.

Lastly, in the immediate aftermath of a car crash the medical bills will likely start to pile up quickly. Injured victims should be sure to get accurate and complete copies of all of these bills, so that they can be used to show how much financial compensation is deserved.