For as long as divorce has played a prominent role in modern life, there have been those who have performed research to attempt to determine if there are any key indicators that might predict whether or not a couple will get a divorce. A wide variety of factors are likely to effect a marriage, from finances to children to evolving feelings for each other. One recent article took a look at a specific factor: “Does living together before marriage factor into divorces?”

Unfortunately, the recent article noted that there are conflicting opinions on this specific factor. For example, the article noted that one study determined that living together before marriage may reduce the number of divorces that occur in the first few years of a marriage, but may eventual lead to a higher likelihood of divorce in later years. That study purportedly affirmed some earlier research that seemed to point toward a higher likelihood of divorce for couples who lived together prior to marriage.

Alternatively, the recent article noted yet another study that determined that living together before marriage actually made it less likely that a couple would divorce. The article noted that, in modern society, it is increasingly more frequent for couples to live together prior to marriage than it used to be. Thus, the ability to determine whether or not cohabitation prior to marriage is affecting the ability of the marriage to last is becoming harder.

Ohio residents who are facing tough times in their marriages know the unique factors that are playing a role in the relationship. These couples could benefit from considering all of the potential factors that might be part of a divorce case, including past behavior.