Each year thousands of Ohio residents decide to end their marriage. For some, doing so can be a relatively simple matter. But, for many others, a divorce case can be a complicated legal process with a wide variety of issues to address, including spousal support, property division, the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and child support. Ohio residents should be sure that they are avoiding common mistakes, as noted in a recent article, that some people make when they are going through the divorce process.

For starters, don’t make the mistake of failing to unearth all of the relevant documents that may be needed in the divorce case. Splitting a once joined married life into two separate single lives can involve quite a bit of documentation, including such documents as financial records, mortgages, receipts and even documents from state and federal governments, such as Social Security statements.

Next, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the tax implications of a divorce. This is of particular concern when it comes to the property division part of a divorce case. Does it make sense to fight for the family home? What about that extra vehicle? Will it really be beneficial to split the assets in a retirement account? These questions, among others, should be considered when it comes to the potential tax implications of a divorce.

Lastly, the article noted that it is a mistake to go into the divorce process thinking that it will end up as a courtroom brawl. Many divorce cases can be resolved through negotiations or mediation. This can lead to a more satisfying result for both parties, as well as saving on expenses.