Most drivers in Ohio probably get annoyed when they see construction on the roads during their daily commute or when they are traveling for vacation. However, it is important to remember that the individuals who are out there on the construction site are just doing their jobs. They want to make it home safe too, just like commuters.

Unfortunately, a recent motor vehicle accident highlights the danger that these construction workers face on a daily basis. According to recent reports, two construction workers were struck by a 64-year-old driver’s vehicle on March 28. The collision occurred in University Heights, which is near Cleveland. The two construction workers suffered injuries in the collision, but after they were transported for medical care they were listed in stable condition.

To make matters worse for the driver and the victims, the driver fled the scene after the collision. The driver later reported his involvement in the hit-and-run in a call to 911. While it is fortunate for the victims that it appears they will recover, they will still be facing medical expenses that could be a sudden and expensive proposition for their families.

Motor vehicle accident victims may have a long and expensive road to recovery ahead of them. It can be overwhelming, to say the least. Therefore, those involved in a car crash may want to attempt to recover financial compensation. Such compensation could be used to pay their accumulating medical expenses, along with other damages they have likely suffered due to the responsible party’s negligent or reckless conduct.