Factory workers are responsible for creating the products we use in our daily lives. Many positions in manufacturing also offer good wages and benefits. None of these positives about working in a factory negate the health and safety risks.

Factories are full of hazards that can cause serious injuries and deaths to the people who work in them. Here are some common ways factory employees can get hurt while working.

Heavy lifting

Working in a factory often requires lifting heavy equipment, parts and boxes. Often, this is a repetitive task that goes on for hours. Lifting these heavy objects can take a toll on the backs of factory workers. The effects often include back sprains, chronic pain and limitations in range of motion. 

Slips, trips and falls

Manufacturing environments are full of numerous fall hazards. A liquid spill on the floor may cause an employee to slip and become injured. Objects and clutter pose a tripping risk. Factory workers may also fall when working on high platforms, ladders, cherry pickers or any other elevation. 

Contact with equipment or objects

Factories are full of objects and equipment that can cause injury by making contact with employees. For example, a falling material or collapsing structure may injure employees. A piece of clothing getting stuck in a machine is also a possibility. 

Forklift accidents

Many factories rely on forklifts to transport goods. Forklift accidents account for a large portion of manufacturing injuries. Proper training and operation are necessary to prevent forklift injuries. 

Exposure to substances

Some production facilities are full of hazardous chemicals. They are vital elements in manufacturing certain goods. Common substances include cleaning solutions, ethanol and battery acid. Harmful chemicals can result in skin irritations, respiratory problems, eye injuries and poisoning.

All factory workers should be aware of the hazards they face and the options they have for seeking workers’ compensation.