There are plenty of common statistics about divorce that many of our readers in Ohio have probably heard before, with the most prominent of them all being that half of all marriages end in divorce. Whether or not that statistic is accurate is up for debate, particularly when some experts are seeing a trend in American that younger people are waiting longer to get married in the first place. The result? The divorce rate in our country may actually be declining.

A recent article noted that one theory behind the decline is that many among the younger generation — so-called “millennials” — are children of divorce themselves. They saw their parents’ marriage break up and they may be fearful of getting involved in a relationship that could end the same way. The result is that the younger generation may be proceeding more carefully when it comes to long-term relationships, and certainly marriage proposals.

The recent article noted that many young people are also staying in dating relationships for a longer amount of time before they commit to marriage. That means that marriage is oftentimes the “culmination” of a dating relationship, as opposed to the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Even though the divorce rate in America may be on the decline in recent years, the fact remains that many marriages still end in divorce. And, in most divorce cases, there are some common issues to address, such as property division, child support, alimony and child custody. Getting the right information about legal options in these types of cases is crucial.