Serious automobile collisions could happen at any time, impacting individuals of all ages. Whether it is during the daytime or nighttime hours, a negligent driver could come into the path of a driver carefully observing the rules of the road. This, unfortunately, could result in a serious collision with severe injuries,

A head-on collision in College Hill, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, left a 6-year-old in critical condition recently. Police said that the child’s mother also suffered serious injuries. According to reports, a man operating a pickup truck was heading north on a city street. For some reason, he crossed over in to oncoming traffic and struck the family’s passenger vehicle head-on. The man suffered injuries that police described as minor.

The accident happened in the evening hours. The police said that they did not suspect that speeding was an issue, but they were apparently still investigating the possibility that the driver of the pickup was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Police indicated that they are still investigating the accident and have asked for any witnesses to come forward with information.

For some reason, neither the woman nor her child were wearing seat belts, a factor which may have made their injuries more serious than they otherwise would have been. However, it is important to note that this fact does not make the woman or her son at fault in this accident in any respect.

Indeed, based on all accounts, it seems that the driver of the pickup left his lane of traffic and caused a serious motor vehicle accident as a result. To some extent, the reason he did so does not matter, as drivers have a duty to travel in their respective lanes.

Crossing over in to oncoming traffic is almost always going to involve some sort of legally careless mistake or omission. Victims of a head-on collision are likely to suffer serious injuries. It can be a long road to recovery, causing many to consider their options and legal recourses. A personal injury action could help offset the financial harms associated with the accident, helping them to move forward and recover from the accident.