As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, Ohio workers in West Chester Township and the greater Cincinnati area can receive benefits through Ohio’s workers’ compensation program if they get hurt on the job.

These benefits will pay for an injured employee’s medical bills, and they will also cover a portion of her wages lost due to her injury. A permanent disability benefit may also be available if it turns out that the worker’s injury is permanent.

However, workers’ compensation will not pay for all expenses. Specifically, these benefits do not take in to account the fact that a victim does not just suffer a financial loss when he gets hurt on the job. He also has to deal with the non-economic losses associated with his injury. For example, an injury will often come with a great deal of emotional and physical pain and suffering, and an employee is entitled to compensation for these aspects of his injury as well as his financial losses.

While an employee may be prevented from suing her employer after claiming workers’ compensation, she may still be able to sue other parties who are at fault for her accident so as to claim non-economic damages.

Perhaps one of the more obvious examples is that if a highway worker gets struck by a negligent motorist, the worker may have a claim against the motorist even if he collects workers’ compensation.

Pursuing all available avenues for recovery is usually a good idea that can ensure an injured worker receives the compensation she needs to continue to support herself and her family after a work-related accident. Usually, it is helpful to have an attorney assist a worker through this process.