As is the case with other states, Ohio’s workers’ compensation program is what is commonly referred to as a no-fault insurance system. What this means is that, under the workers’ compensation law in this state, an injured employee need only prove that she got hurt in the course of employment. Except for intentional injuries, any work-related illnesses or injury should allow a worker to get compensation for medical expenses and, if applicable, compensation for her lost wages.

The upshot of this is that an employee need not fear filing for benefits even if he thinks that his injury was partially his responsibility or was due to his own absent-mindedness. In fact, even breaking an established company policy about safety does not necessarily disqualify an employee from getting benefits. As a caveat, though, Ohio employers do have the right to punish employees for violating workplace safety rules, even if the employee is drawing workers’ compensation benefits for his injuries.

Moreover, the fact that workers’ compensation is no fault in Ohio does not mean that all claims for benefits are going to be straightforward or even uncontroversial. Employers in Ohio may oppose claims for a number of reasons or, in other cases, be unwilling to pay the full extent of their employees’ damages. Unfortunately, this is sometimes more because the employer cares about its bottom line more than it does about the well-being of its workers.

A resident of West Chester or the greater Cincinnati area may therefore need to seek out the assistance of a legal professional who can help her navigate through the process and successfully prosecute a claim for benefits. Getting legal help may well be the best way to assure that an injured worker gets the financial help she needs to move on with life after a serious workplace accident.