While it is probably one of the most prevalent crimes, going over the posted speed limit is still illegal. Speeding is a factor in most car accidents and a leading cause of fatal accidents. It is not a small crime or one that does not hurt anyone. Drivers may think that driving a little faster than the speed limit in Ohio is okay, but it puts their lives and the lives of others on the road in danger.

Because it is such an issue, experts have long worked to find ways to prevent speeding. It is impossible for law enforcement to manage the problem alone because it happens all too often. The American Psychological Association explains that creative community planning by officials could be the solution.

Appealing to the subconscious

The idea of creative community planning is to appeal to a driver’s subconscious mind. This works with the idea that drivers will take more risks in areas that are open and do not have a lot of foot traffic. Side streets in cities are an excellent example because they are often very straight and unencumbered. This makes drivers more apt to speed down them.

In contrast, a street that has no clear views all the way down and that has parks and other attractions that increase foot traffic tend to make drivers more cautious and less likely to speed. By adding in trees, parks and other similar features, a straight road that drivers used to race down becomes a less-inviting place for speeders.

Simple changes can make a significant impact, according to studies. Communities can invest a little bit of funding to get a substantial return in safety on streets that see a lot of activity from speeding motorists. Perhaps the solution to speed-related crashes lies in making roads and areas that induce a feeling in drivers to slow down.