Depending on your occupation, you can usually receive workers’ compensation for a work-related injury in Ohio. However, do you fully understand the benefits that are available? At Honerlaw Law Office, we understand that these matters can be confusing. We want to make sure that you understand workers’ compensation benefits so you have an idea of what you deserve.

Most employees injured while performing job duties are eligible for workers’ compensation. However, not every type of benefit is available in every situation. Here is a brief overview of the benefits you may receive and under what circumstances.

Medical expenses

An injury only qualifies for workers’ compensation if it is severe enough to require medical attention. Your employer selects a managed care organization to review your medical bills when the health care providers who treat you for your injury send them in. However, it is not the MCO that actually pays the bills. That responsibility belongs to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Wage loss

Injuries sustained on the job can limit your ability to earn a living. If this is the case, you may be eligible to receive this benefit.

Death benefits

If you were to die as a result of an illness or injury that you sustained on the job, dependent members of your family may be able to receive death benefits.

Temporary total disability

A job-related injury or illness may leave you totally disabled for a short period of time. If this occurs, you may be eligible to receive lost-wage benefits that cover the period of your disability.

Permanent partial disability

Other times, the injury may cause residual damage that is chronic in nature. This may warrant an additional monetary reward.

The facts of your case determine which benefits you deserve. It may be possible to collect more than one benefit. More information about workers’ compensation benefits is available on our website.