One of the most common and painful injuries you can experience in a car accident is a meniscus tear. The cartilage in your knee is called the meniscus. When your knee is twisted or is hit in a car accident, your knee joint may bend in unnatural ways. According to MedicineNet, the meniscus can tear, causing severe pain.

It may take a long time to recover from a meniscus tear. The meniscus is used to help distribute weight over your knee evenly. When it is torn, you will not be able to place weight on that knee or leg. Over time, this injury can also lead to arthritis and other discomforts.

Many times when you tear your meniscus, other injuries may also happen in your legs. With this extra damage to your leg, the time it will take you to heal from your injuries may be longer than you expected. Recovering from a serious and potentially permanent injury like this can take you out of work for a long time. This can be very costly. Not only are your medical expenses high, but you are also forced to lose valuable income because you are unable to work. The driver that hit you is responsible for covering the cost of your injury.

Unfortunately, getting the money you need to pay for the cost of a meniscus tear is not always easy. You must prove that the other driver was completely at fault, and you must be sure that you are getting a settlement that will cover the full cost of your injury. You may need to contact an attorney.