When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Ohio, you will likely receive quite a few different documents from the Social Security Administration. Some of them you will need to keep for your records and others you may only need for a short time. One of the most important documents you will receive is your benefit verification letter, which the SSA explains is your proof of benefits.

The verification letter is something you can use to show other agencies that you get benefits and how much you receive. It also serves as proof that you applied for benefits before you get the final decision. A verification letter may also show that you never received benefits before.

You will need this letter in any instance where you need to prove your income. It may also be a requirement for other situations where you need to verify your income. It is a legal government document that should work as verification in a variety of situations, such as verifying your income for a loan or providing proof for housing assistance. It should work with lenders, government agencies and for any other type of business or organization.

The letter does not give out personal information about you. It will show you dates of birth and name. It will also list the benefits you receive or note that you do not get benefits. This should be enough information for anyone who needs income verification or verification of your Social Security benefits but it is not so much information that you compromise your security. This information is for education and is not legal advice.