You may have worked construction for years and sustained only cuts and scratches, but then you fell from a ladder, injured your shoulder and became a candidate for workers’ compensation.

If you follow a few simple steps in submitting a claim, you can expect to receive benefits to help with your medical expenses and more.

Seek medical attention

Your first responsibility after suffering a work-related injury is to see a doctor. Even if you feel the injury is minor, a diagnosis is important in case there are underlying problems, such as a concussion or a soft tissue injury that occurred during the fall but is not readily apparent. Furthermore, you will need the medical report as confirmation of your injuries when you file for workers’ compensation benefits.

Notify your employer

Although you may have informed your employer about the ladder incident verbally, you should also provide notification in writing. This is an important step with any job-related injury. Do this as soon as possible so you will not forget any of the details. Your employer should have a claim form for you to complete, but if not, you can obtain one from the Ohio workers’ compensation board. The information requested includes the type of injury you sustained; the date, time and location; how the accident happened; the name of anyone else involved in the incident and what kind of medical treatment you received.

Follow up

Although your work is mostly completed after submitting a claim, it is a good idea to keep notes about your treatment, progress as a patient, how the injury affects your ability to work and details about future medical appointments or physical therapy sessions. There are different levels of compensation, from medical benefits alone to replacement for lost wages in the event you are either temporarily or permanently disabled. If your workers’ compensation insurer should deny your initial claim, which sometimes happens, your notes will be important when appealing that decision.