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Car accidents deadlier than wars, opioid epidemic

According to statistics, more Americans have died on the roads in the last 19 years than in both World Wars combined. Since 2000, 624,000 Americans have died in motor vehicle accidents. Official records show that around 535,000 Americans died in the two great global conflicts of the last century. Additionally, since 2000, over 30 million people have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

Head-on crash leaves child and mother injured

Serious automobile collisions could happen at any time, impacting individuals of all ages. Whether it is during the daytime or nighttime hours, a negligent driver could come into the path of a driver carefully observing the rules of the road. This, unfortunately, could result in a serious collision with severe injuries,

Two construction workers injured in hit-and-run in Ohio

Most drivers in Ohio probably get annoyed when they see construction on the roads during their daily commute or when they are traveling for vacation. However, it is important to remember that the individuals who are out there on the construction site are just doing their jobs. They want to make it home safe too, just like commuters.

Preparation is crucial in a motor vehicle accident case

Although car crashes are a common sight on the roads and highways in Ohio, most people walk away from these collisions without injuries. But, unfortunately, there are some who are not so lucky. Those in Ohio who has been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident will likely face months or even years of medical treatment and recovery. As our readers would likely expect, such a situation means that the financial burden that injured victims face can be substantial.

Pursuing legal options after a car accident in Ohio

We are in the middle of a time of the year when millions of Americans will be hitting the roads to visit family members and friends for the holidays. Many Ohio residents will be doing the same, with some driving across the country while others keep their travels rather local. Either way, increased traffic on the roadways will almost inevitably lead to an increase in the number of traffic accidents that occur.

Crucial steps to take in the immediate aftermath of a car crash

It is an unfortunate reality that, each year, thousands of Ohio residents will be involved in motor vehicle accidents involving passenger vehicles, large trucks and motorcycles. These accidents can oftentimes be life-changing for all of the parties involved, but none more so than injured victims. When residents are injured in a car crash, there are some immediate steps to take in the aftermath of the crash that can help with any ensuing personal injury lawsuit.

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