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Helping You Navigate The Estate Administration Process

The loss of a loved can be a difficult time, especially as you walk through the process of settling his or her estate. Knowing what to do with a person’s assets and money is not always easy, even if there is a will, and many people find it beneficial to have experienced guidance as they walk through the estate administration process.

At Honerlaw Law Office, LLC, our goal is to protect the best interests of our Ohio clients above all else, whether we are helping draft an estate plan or assisting with the administration of an estate. If you have questions about these matters, call 513-342-1853 for the help you need.

Is It Possible To Avoid Probate?

Probate is costly and extensive process, and it can be stressful for the people who have to walk through it. Fortunately, there are ways to draft estate plans that would allow beneficiaries to avoid this process completely. Our attorney can help you accomplish this goal by including any of the following options in your estate plan:

  • Establishing some of your property as jointly owned, ensuring it passes to the other person upon your death
  • Setting up certain accounts that will designate a specific person as your beneficiary upon your death
  • Setting up a revocable living trust for some of your estate assets such as your house
  • Taking steps to give certain property away as a gift before your death

We will make every effort to ensure you understand your options and make decisions that will benefit you and your loved ones. Our attorney, Michael J. Honerlaw, can provide experienced and knowledgeable guidance for you.

Your Role As The Administrator Of An Estate

If designated as the administrator of an estate, you have the responsibility of overseeing the process of paying off debts, gathering assets and administering the property of the estate according to the will. This is an immense responsibility, and the executor is liable for overseeing this process. We can help you meet the demands of your role, help you avoid complications and guide you toward resolution in a timely manner.

We provide effective counsel for individuals facing any type of estate planning, probate or estate administration concern. Call our West Chester office to speak with a lawyer by calling 513-342-1853 or emailing us for an appointment.