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Helping You Build A Better Future

For many people, family is the cornerstone of their lives. When marriages break apart and family dynamics change, it can feel as if your entire world is falling apart.

At Honerlaw Law Office, LLC, we are here to help you through this difficult time. For 30 years, attorney Michael J. Honerlaw has been representing individuals in West Chester and throughout the Cincinnati area of Ohio, during divorce and dissolution, as well as child custody disputes and child support and alimony matters. We know the future feels uncertain, we are here to move you to steadier ground.

Protecting Your Financial Interests During Divorce

During divorce, all marital assets must be divided. This process can become complex when spouses own businesses, income-producing properties, have sophisticated investment portfolios or other unique assets. At Honerlaw Law Office, LLC, we have extensive experience handling high-asset estates during divorce.

The first step, when analyzing marital property, is to determine the value of each asset. We have a network of outside professionals, including certified public accountants (CPAs), forensic accountants and cash flow experts, we call upon to assist us with asset valuation.

Once we have a clear understanding of the current and future potential value of each asset, we work toward a property division plan that protects our clients’ financial interests.

It’s Important To Have A Skilled Litigator On Your Side

During divorce, a custody dispute or other family law matter, you need a skilled trial lawyer on your side. Attorney Michael J. Honerlaw has more than three decades of litigation experience. He prepares every case as if trial were inevitable, all the while working to resolve your legal issue in the most efficient and effective way possible. Early preparation of your case means a stronger position during settlement negotiations, which in turn leads to better results.

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If you are going through divorce or are involved in a custody dispute, you need an attorney who will handle your case with skill, experience and compassion. Contact our office for more information about our services. Call 513-342-1853 to schedule your consultation.